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Upcoming Fashion Show in Delhi

IFCS 2021 (Indian fashion collection show) is latest fashion shows in india is the most significant event on the Indian fashion calendar hosted at the SIRI FORT Auditorium New Delhi in 2021, Indian Fashion Collection Show is a celebration of talent, hard work, aspirations, Designers, Models, Makeup artists, Photographers and many more. IFCS 2021 is a collaborated effort by the entire fashion fraternity of not only Delhi, but all over the country.

It will also promote networking among fashion industry professionals including retail buyers, fashion journalists, trendsetters, tastemakers and of course consumers. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for sponsors to align themselves with some of the very best talent in India creative sector.

Fashion Runway entails 2 Days of Exquisite Fashion Exciting Models with Many Rocking Fashion Rounds Proposed Venue Siri Fort Auditorium, Asian Games Village Complex, New Delhi.


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